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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 4 of Whorelicious Wenches - Part 1: The Leah Episode

Good Evening fellow brain cell haters.  I assume we all hate our brain cells to either choose to watch this steaming pile of cow dung (to quote Liar, Liar) OR to choose to drink so heavily because of it.  For those of you who follow my life outside of this blog (regularly much more boring than I claim it to be) you know I've had a hell of a couple days.  Why does this matter to you?  It matters because I didn't watch and live-blog Monday's (2/4) episode.  Stop hyperventilating long enough to read that Leah has gone above and beyond the call of duty and live-blogged it for me.  Enjoy.  Thanks, Leah!

Lindsey 1 on 1 date. Crying? Already? Really? I don’t remember her almost going home the first night. Eh they seem cute together.
Waiting for Tierra drama to kick in!
Army brat?....things could definitely get interesting if she makes it to the hometown dates…mwuahahaha
Uh oh next date card just arrived! Oh snap, Tierra vs Jackie on the first 2 on 1?! Ding ding ding….who’s gonna end up going home?! Jackie must win!
Knew Lindsey was gonna get the rose. And of course another “random” street concert with the whole town, apparently the producers are running out of ideas. LOL
What the deuce, a ‘fear factor’ type of group date?! Guess I spoke too soon about new ideas!
Bold move Selma! High five…..AshLee really needs to go home!
1AS! 1AS! 1AS!
Hahahaha goat milking description Selma! Looks like Robyn doesn’t understand how a canoe works! LOL FAIL!
Well I was cheering for the RED team to win, hope they make a comeback! Was Des raised on a farm?! Milked and chugged like a champ! Whhoooo—hooo RED team! (Robyn, 1AS, Selma, Des)
Lesley M. is getting annoying! Boohoo for her.
(The epic drama filled previews for tomorrows episode are killing me! Can’t wait for it! Probably gonna go through a lot of wine!)
Confused by the Chris Harrison date card…..sheesh Sean is really trying to break EVERY “rule”? What the heck was the purpose of a team challenge?!?!?!
YAY! 1AS alone time!! Hope she gets the date rose!
Still think its crap that the BLUE team gets to join in the party! I agree that if one of the loser team gets the rose shit will hit the fan!
What the hell is Tierra doing?! Seriously?! SMH!
At only 45 min in, So far I’m hoping for Daniella, Teirra, and Lesley M. to go home!
Tierra feels like she got a slap in face for getting a 2 on 1? Really? Dumbass!!!!!!!! Hopefully this tantrum opens his eyes!!
Hahahaha Daniella crashing Catherine time! More crying! I’m thinking he’s kissed EVERY girl on this date.
Wait wait wait……hold the phone….did Daniella really just get the rose?! Not deserved at all!!!! Dammit dammit dammit she’s here another week!!! *bangs head on table*
Tierra vs Jackie on the first 2 on 1….
Oh no Jackie’s going to pull the snitch move….hope it doesn’t backfire!
Awkward dinner, feel bad for the guy. Yes! He just admitted to sense that Tierra is all about drama! Win! Hope he sticks with that gut feeling and not get suckered into Tierra’s sob story! WHAT?!?! FUCK!!! REALLY??!!! DAMMIT!!! Stupid ass Tierra! Maybe her drama tomorrow will bite him in the ass!!
Rose ceremony – since bitches Tierra and Daniella are in, I hoping Lesley M and AshLee are out
Thank you Des! My thoughts exactly! Their convo is entertaining!
Tierra and Robyn confrontation!...dammit the cable skipped out! Argh stupid rabbit ears antenna!
YES!!! Sean witnesses Tierra bitch mode!!
Voting out guesses are Lesley M and AshLee
Why does 1AS look like she has a lazy eye?! Just sayn
Damn I suck at this guessing game! Sucks to see Robyn go
Preview for the rest of the season looks crazy!!!
Hopefully see you tomorrow for part 2! 

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