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Monday, September 9, 2013

Social Media Series: Vine

If you've never Vine'd, allow me to explain this for you.  Vine is an app that is not accessible from any platform other than a phone application.  It allows you to create 6 second videos that loop endlessly and then post them for people to see on vine OR you can link it to your twitter and/or facebook account.  The purpose of the app is to allow the user to... well... um... I guess share 6 seconds of your life or creativity to people you already know.
Maybe it's to document 6 seconds of an event forever and always?  Maybe it's to act as a PR platform for something else (i.e. an upcoming premier, or a blog.)  You may or may not already know that Instagram tried to "one-up" Vine by allowing users to make 15 second videos on it's app.  I personally can't imagine filling 15 seconds.  I can barely fill 6 seconds and keep people entertained.

I began Vine-ing because I was influenced by none other than my female celebrity crush: Jenny Mollen surprise!  I make videos fairly regularly.  Sometimes for specific people and for specific purposes.  Sometimes it's because I'm bored and I think my dog needs another platform on which to showcase his levels of perfect and wonderful.

* 6 second memories
* Hilariously planned videos of lemons coming out of people's mouths (google it.  Trust me.)
* Interesting/funny stop motion videos - I personally stop motion notes to people on Vine

* Videos are only 6 seconds long
* The limited number of users (compared to other platforms) hinders your visibility
* Lots of people putting movie moments into their vines to be witty or funny (which it's not)

Bottom Line: It's a good way to kill 6 seconds of your time, but the likelihood is that Vine will slowly get phased out by Instagram and the novelty of looping videos completely wearing off.
Rating: 3 Sweet potatoes...or one sweet potato pie

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