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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Un-Read Book Review Series: The Husband's Secret

Welcome to the second installment of the Un-Read Book Review Series.  This time I've chosen the book "The Husband's Secret" for two reasons: (1) it sounded like a good book when my friend and I were discussing books we should read next in our quest for literacy, and (2) I was able to immediately come up with an entire story line from the title that may or may not be entirely false.

This book is about a seemingly happy middle-aged couple who has been married for a couple decades.  They have 3 kids: two boys and a girl.  And a cat.  The woman starts feeling like the husband is pulling away and after a few concerning episodes of not feeling on the same wavelength, she has him followed.  Over the course of a few weeks, her private investigator finds that her husband is having daily phone meetings and lunch dates with a group of people.  On some occasions, he has lunch with just one friend.  Though the PI doesn't have any concrete answers, the woman begins to follow him herself and ultimately confronts him after a group lunch one Wednesday afternoon.  Through tears and extreme pain, the husband tells her he had an affair.  It's not on-going.  It has been done for months, but his ex-lover (a man, mind you) had been diagnosed with HIV and his health is fading quickly.  The group he meets with is a support group for friends and family of those diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.  Though the husband himself has not acquired the virus, the woman begins to treat him as though he is diseased.  The rest of the book is about his struggle to keep his life and his head above water while protecting his secret.  He spends much of his days trying to fix his relationship with his wife while simultaneously being a constant pillar of support to his ex-lover.

You'd read that book.  You'd cry reading that book.

However, The Husband's Secret is not about that.

Apparently this book is actually about three different plot lines, the women within them and how they all end up interconnected.  One's husband reveals his life-long secret that ultimately causes her to flee with her children (my guess: he murdered his parents).  She flees to a town where another woman is handling another lie and secret she finds out about her own husband (my guess: he is an international cocaine dealer).  Their children attend the same school where yet another lie and secret come out (my guess: a teacher is having a child with a teen-aged student).  Essentially it's three mini-mysteries that twist and turn until we are rooting for the three heroines to become victorious together.  I hope they all kill each others husbands/the teacher a la the movie Horrible Bosses.  Ya-Ya!!!!

I suggest you read it though.  I'm actually planning to pick it up.  After I read "I Wear the Black Hat" and "Orange is the New Black."  Big thank you to my best friends for co-purchasing me the books I so badly wanted!


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  1. Sounds like you should be writing books instead of these chumps.


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