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Monday, July 29, 2013

Social Media Series: Snapchat

You may or may not yet have heard about Snapchat.  What it does is allow you to take a picture (or video - instead of just tapping the picture button, hold it and a red timer bar will show up allowing you to video) and send it to one or multiple people for a designated amount of time (for the photo).  You choose the quantity of time (2 to 10 seconds) and the recipients.  Then a "snap" is received!  The recipient has to touch and hold your message to view it.  Once they let go, it will go away...
 After the alloted amount of time, it will go away forever.  I have no idea what the original intended purpose of this app was, but I can tell you that it makes sense that it'd be used (often) for sexting.  I mean, I can't imagine any other situation where sending a picture that disappears would be beneficial.  Can you imagine if Anthony Weiner had this app back in 2011??  His life would be drastically different right now... maybe.  Additionally, you can write notes and draw on the "snaps" to make them more fun and personal.  Dear anyone who attempts to snapchat me: do not send me a picture of your junk.  I always make sure there is a minor around when I open my snapchats and you will be soliciting a minor.  Heads up.

* You can change the snap to be in black and white/sepia/negative if you know the codes
* You can draw funny things like hats and moustaches on pictures
* If you take an embarassing snap, it goes away in 2 to 10 seconds

* If your recipient is fast enough, they can screenshot your snap and keep it forever (it will probably let you know this, but there IS a way to do it without notifying the sender)
* It's absolutely and complete pointless
* You could accidentally send a snap that a child could see and you could go to jail... just sayin...

Bottom Line: I don't get it.  I don't understand it.  I still use it... for now... because I'm a joiner.
Rating: 2 Sweet Potatoes (I don't know what this rating system is out of...but just go with me on this.)


  1. You show pictures of male genitals to minors?

    1. Only if someone sends me a picture of their genitalia...

  2. Sounds confusing. (Also-will pay solid Monopoly millions if you remove the captcha for comments)

    1. I'm not sure I know how to do that... I will look into it!

  3. I see the pointlessness as being a pro.


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