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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tutorial: How To Not Get Kidnapped (Preparing for a Date)

Getting ready for anything can be a chore.  I tend to be the kind of girl who rolls out of bed having showered the night before, throw on the first set of clothes I see in my closet and go about my morning.  When it comes to getting ready to go out, I'm a change my shirt put on deodorant and perfume maybe some mascara and nicer shoes girl.  It's not that I'm lazy, per se, but I am a firm believer that this is what I look like, world! is an acceptable way to live my life.

Don't get me wrong, I can do it up right.  I've attended my fair share of weddings and charity galas to know how to buy and wear a dress/gown and do my hair and make up the "right" way.  I just don't feel like I should look like that every day.

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to share my planned steps for getting ready for a date (one that I may or may not have Thursday evening.)  Read on...

1) Have a planned meeting location and beginning plan for the evening check
2) Send at LEAST one friend the details of your planned date and the things you know about your date.  Here's the thing, even someone you've talked to in a bar could be planning to rape and murder you.  It's not pleasant to think about, but wouldn't you rather be safe and be sure SOMEONE knows your whereabouts in case you are kidnapped??  This isn't me being paranoid; this is a smart thing to do. check
3) Keep yourself occupied until date time.  I obviously will be working during the day and then I plan to run, walk my dog, shower, change...should keep me busy for the majority of the time I'm home.
4) Figure out what you're doing to wear.  Are you a sweater when you're anxious or nervous?  Don't wear colors.  Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the plans as well as the weather.  Please do not be the girl in a full up-do at a dive bar.  Please.
5) Do a shot.  Probably.
6) Don't cancel last minute.
7) Drive to meeting location/plans.  Try to enjoy.
8) If you choose to drink, do not have more than 2 drinks.  And yes, 1 shot = 1 drink in this scenario.
9) You're allowed to change locations, but that location cannot be...
10) ...DO NOT bring your date to your house.  The standard 3 date rule is silly, but you don't want to be slutty and you do NOT want to have no defense for a stalking serial killer who you think is a nice guy because he put on a front for the ONE date you've spent with him

I'm certain I sound like a paranoid chick who erroneously thinks everyone is planning to rape, kidnap or murder her...  the thing is, I'm okay with that.  Until I feel comfortable with someone, why wouldn't I play it safe?


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