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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Champagne Flutes are Over Rated - New Year's Eve 2014

Two things happen on New Years Eve in my world: alcohol and stupid resolutions.

This year was slightly different.  SLIGHTLY.

In years past, I've gone to open bar/buffet events (2008 and 2009 at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap) or "downtown" ball drops (Ft. Lauderdale, Himmarshee St. 2010.)  I've gotten fancy at dinner and a hotel party on the ocean (Marriott Harbor Beach 2011) and I've rang in the new year on the water (Catamaran on the Intercoastal waterway 2012.)

Last year I celebrated the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 in the middle of Florida with Katy and her family/friends.  We ate, drank, had a bonfire and froze in 50 degree weather - I know, shut up.  It was fun and family filled and exactly what I needed to start off my year.

Adam and Me on the bicycle that lead to
broken beaded curtains and me spending some
time in the corner thinking about what I'd done.
This year I went to a house party.  We were intending to go down to some mini-ball-drop thingy, but ended up having so much fun (and so much booze) that we never left the apartment.  Earlier in the day I had stopped to purchase a winter-white dress and a bottle of Prosecco for the festivities.  So when I got to Jess's I did some shots, I drank Prosecco from the bottle, I ate too many chips (which my insulin resistant body reminded me of the entire next day,) and I celebrated.  I counted down.  I kissed everyone (not with tongue, I'm a lady after all).  I didn't cry like I did in 2009 over not singing live-band karaoke and my shoes hurting.  I didn't have an expensive room on the ocean like I did in 2011.  I didn't embrace the outdoors like I did in 2013.  I didn't dance barefoot on the front of a boat like I did in 2012.  I didn't come home to meet the best puppy in the world who I adopted 3 days later like I did in 2010.  What I did do was ride a bicycle indoors and break a beaded curtain (sorry Jess), laugh, smile, have fun, get sober and drive home (most importantly) safely.

I spent the first day of 2014 trying to sleep after getting home at 4:30am and later participating in - and winning, bitches! - the first annual cornhole tournament with a family into which I have somehow infiltrated through my super powers of being creepy and too involved.  Then I hung out with a best friend, had dinner and went to sleep (FINALLY!)

I've always found resolutions to be a silly thing for me.  I won't knock it if it's something you do, but I've never found them to be successful.  Most people's resolutions well fizzle out or fail by the third week of the new year (according to a statistic I just made up for this blog post.)  I've battled this by making resolutions that are fun, silly, or stupid.  Last year I made a resolution to get my car washed every month.  I succeeded except for 1 month.  The year before that I resolved to say "Nailed it!" more often.  The year before that I resolved to attempt to whistle (with my fingers...not just by pursing my lips) every day.  This year I've resolved to do quarterly 5ks.  I also started this years resolution early (December 14th was my first 5k, and I started training for it on September 30th.)

So what about you, faithful reader(s)?  Did you ring in the new year in the same fashion as you always have, or have you switched it up?  Any resolutions you'll most certainly fail at within a month?


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