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Monday, January 6, 2014

How Have You Changed in More Than 4 Years? How Are You the Same??

I couldn't think of anything to write today, so I started cheating...a little.

In August of 2009 I filled out one of those "About Me" surveys on The Facebook.  Today, almost 4.5 years later, I was re-filling it out.  I was going to call this an experiment in how much I've changed or stayed exactly the same throughout my mid-twenties, a 6-state move and some major life changes.  Then I stopped.  Some of the questions were stupid and boring, but over all, what it turned into was me realizing the ways I have and have not changed - which sounded like a much more interesting and readable blog post.

I still hit snooze for 15-30 minutes every morning that I do not have to get up to run, but instead of waking up sometime before noon, I wake up for work.  The normal things that should change, changed - most recent movie seen, what I had for breakfast, the last person I had dinner with, etc...  The normal things that should stay the same did in fact stay the same...

Turns out I still have a strong sense of adventure and still don't like pizza very much.  I still view my childhood as being largely based around playing with my sister and my best friend slash neighbor, Allie.  I still love puppies.  I still like some of the same shows but have moved on from watching anything on the CW - and really, I'm pretty alright with that.

I still choose comfort over appeal when it comes to clothing and I still like daffodils, but it seems that I've become less spontaneous and free-spirited than I was back then.  Then again I didn't have a job or places I needed to be on the daily... I'm choosing to believe that has a lot to do with that change.

I've grown out of certain habits like drinking multiple nights a week.  I've changed my desires of places to visit - largely due to my location change - and where I would max out a credit card.  However, I have grown to appreciate new experiences and stability of my "new, grown-up" life.

As the first full work-week of 2014 kicks off I find myself thinking about who I am, who I used to be and what things haven't changed throughout that growth.  Maybe in another 4.5 years I'll be more spontaneous.  Maybe I'll be living in another portion of the nation or even the world!  Maybe I'll get over daffodils in favor of chrysanthemums.  Maybe I'll have a closet full of painful but sexy as hell stilettos.  Who can say, really?


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