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Monday, December 2, 2013

T-Gives Live Blog 2013

I went home for Thanksgiving again this year.  I know my family looks forward to seeing me, but I regularly joke that if I didn't go home, they wouldn't have Thanksgiving because I typically cook the entire thing.  This year my sister in law and brother assisted and my sister and her husband purchased the pies as well as provide the cooking location and utensils.

I had been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time as I don't see my entire family more than once or twice a year.  Maybe that seems normal to some, but not to me.  It sucks to me.  As hard as it is to leave sunny and warm South Florida and the little Gizmo-butt, I start a 2 month countdown and get very giddy about it.  This trip to Chicago I finally had a chance to not be bored on the plane - I had accidentally booked the same trip as my friend, Josh Gordon.

So now, without further ado (and with a crap-ton of post-travel editing), please enjoy the live-blog of my trip home for Thanksgiving this year:

Wednesday 6:30 a.m. - go for run in rain.  I intended to get a run in before Thanksgiving rather than use it as an excuse to do nothing for a week.  When I woke up and it was raining, I took it as an opportunity to be a rockstar.
8:10- leave for work, have conversation with a duck I see walking to my car that went something like this "Hey duck!  Good morning.  How are you?  Would you mind moving a bit so I can leave and not hit you?"
8:45- realize I forgot to check in 24hrs in advance of my flight and end up 128th in line to get on my flight.  What this means is that Josh gets to attempt to hold a seat next to him and bribe passengers (if necessary) in order to make that happen.
2:30- get the "okay" to leave early and begin my holiday weekend and literally shut down, grab purse and leave in a matter of 1 minute.
3:00- finish cleaning house for the weekend (I need to control my cleanliness...this isn't new) and throw toiletries bag in suitcase.  Leave friends at my house (who are going to house and Gizmo sit), load myself into my neighbors car (actually, she did it... I watched) and head to FLL!  Not surprisingly there was a lot of traffic.  The trip SHOULD take 20-25minutes.  In actuality it took about an hour.  Stupid Holiday travel!
4:00- arrive at airport. Inquire about JGs whereabouts as I enter the security checkpoint line
4:18- sit at airport restaurant. Yes, it took exactly 18 minutes for me to check my bag, get through security and sit down.  Yes I am a travel ninja.  Order a miller lite.
4:48- laugh at JG for being 1/3 of the way through the now epic security line after already 25 minutes. (Editors note: I had 1/4 but changed it due to his quick progression from there on)  It actually didn't take very long, but in relation to my less than 20 minutes, it seemed to take forever.  I order another Miller Lite and send pictures of the menu to JG so he can choose his food before he comes to Pasha's to join me.
6:05- finish dinner and beers. Go to airport store!!  Yay shopping!
6:15- purchase unnecessarily expensive headphones - in pink! - after realizing that post-run this morning I probably left my headphones on the counter rather than put them in my bag.  If I did put them in my bag, it was the checked bag because they were not in my carry-on purse.  I WAS going to get shitty cheap headphones, but they don't make those, apparently, anymore.  My cheapest option was $25.99, and for that I may as well get $39.99 headphones that market their ability to be compatible to my phone with capability to answer calls via controller button on the cord
6:57- board plane. Sit with JG who saved me a seat in 13B - Note: no bribes were used in the saving of my seat.  Either JG's Movember 'stache was intimidating enough to keep my seat open...or no one wants the middle seat...
7:18- read two chapters of OITNB (which I have finally finished now that the weekend is over...I read on Friday and Saturday morning when I woke up before everyone else) before watching The Heat.  Laugh audibly.
9:09- time change. Land in Chicago and taxi to gate
9:40- wait for the screen to tell us at which baggage claim our bags will be arriving.  Actual thing I said "It says Flight from FLL as "N/A" but I'm here and I want my bag, so "A".  Very "A".  JG heads to Southwest's office to inquire.  Then texts me the baggage claim number.  I choose to be a complete dick and not tell any of the other passengers this information.  Apparently they had it anyway because when I got over to the carousel, it was quite crowded.

After this I quit live-blogging.  My sister and mom came to pick me up at the airport.  I made some joke about how they didn't use turn signals.  It wasn't particularly funny.

Happy Holidays!!!


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