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Friday, September 27, 2013

Bucket List: What to do Before I Become a Grown Up

Happy Friday, follower.  Sorry to change it up on you this week, but I didn't make time on Wednesday night to blog in order to make a post go live on noon (eastern time) Thursday.  So what's happening?  Well, I'm growing up.  For a while now, the older I get, the more I realize I don't feel any older.  Sometimes I actually feel younger.

On the surface this makes no sense, but allow me to delve a little deeper.  When I was in college and my early 20s, the number of married friends I had was minimal.  The number of friends with children was even smaller.  But now, at 28, I'd say about 50% of my friends are married and about 50-75% of those who are married have kids.  I feel young compared to my friends.  They're grown ups with grown up lives.  I'm a child.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a responsible adult, but I don't feel like a grown up.

For the last few years I've been known the say "maybe one day, when I'm a grown up" which I usually benchmark as being when I'm 30.  I'm not anxious or concerned about my age.  But I do feel like I'm coming up on "grown up" age... so before I'm a real live grown up, there are some things I want to do.

Before 30 Bucket List.

This is a small list because the concept only surfaced a couple days ago.  Feel free to make suggestions as to other items that should be on the bucket list.  Mind you, I'm not made of money, so keep it low cost, thanks.

1. RUN a 5k.  Remember a blog or two ago where I said I never ever ever want to run?  I still don't.  But I'm signed up, so it's happening.  Color Vibe.  December.  I'm running the entire 3.12 or whatever miles.  Right now I can't run 1/8 a mile without stopping, so this will take some training.
2. Be debt free.  This should actually be done before I'm 29 (under current circumstances) but I am giving myself to 30.
3. Go to Purdue for Homecoming 2014.  I haven't been on campus since 2008.  That's way way way too long.  I figure with enough pre-planning, I can easily find plane tickets to Indianapolis for cheap and I'm sure there's someone around I can stay with for the weekend... So all I need is a kick-ass Breakfast Club costume and a game ticket (and maybe some friends to go with??)

What else should be on my "Before 30 Bucket List"?  Do (or did) you have one?



  1. I didn't, and it's too late now. I guess before I'm 40 I want to... I don't know, be cool or something.

  2. #4 should be to visit me or the Pacific Northwest...or both. But not neither.


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