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Monday, August 5, 2013

Social Media Series: Instagram

You've heard of Instagram.  I refuse to acknowledge that people may not be aware of this application.  Essentially, it's a networking site that allows only photos (and now videos, in the wake of Vine, which we'll discuss later.) ...
It's a way to keep up with what people are doing or what they like through a solely visual medium.  You can filter your pictures to look like they are from an old-timey camera, or make them black and white.  It takes pictures, social media and photoshop and smushes them all together into one app.

Up to this point, I have boycotted using Instagram.  At first my reasoning was due to the assumption that people care about your life via photos.  Then I was boycotting it because Facebook bought the rights to Instagram and I thought that was pompous and annoying.  Then I was boycotting it because... well, I actually ran out of reasons.  So I have an Instagram account.  It's private.  I have ZERO pictures.  I follow approximately as many people as I am years old and, for some unknown reason, I have followers as well.  Fret not, trusty readers, I do intend to use my Instagram.  However, the boycott has been going on so long that now, on principle, I am not going to Instagram until something is worthy of ending the boycott.  That something is when my cousin Max comes to visit (Labor day weekend, 2013).  Look for my first Instagrams on August 30th at approximately 8pm ET when Max lands at FLL!

* Quick platform on which to archive photos and life events through photos
* Minor artistic form for expression of self
* It makes sorting through people's Facebook updates to find what their new boyfriend looks like a much simpler task [a.k.a. Stalking]

* It's so trendy... almost TOO trendy
* It's fairly self-indulgent
* Apparently, Instagram can cancel your account if you take lewd photos (see @jennyandteets finger-dick situation...for the record, she has a new account under the name jennyandteets2)

Bottom Line: Click it; Post it; Like it; Be a Joiner.
Rating: 4 Sweet potatoes...probably... we'll see when I start posting things.  Though the 20something people I follow do NOT post enough for me to enjoy it to it's full extent.  For the sake of argument, I'm going to say this rating system is out of 6 sweet potatoes.  Why the hell not...

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