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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blogging More Often

*** Update: I will begin blogging twice a week.  I believe it will be on Monday and Thursday at noon.  Unless OF COURSE there is something fabulous worth blogging more often.  Check back every Monday and Thursday at noon ***

What if I just actually blogged what I was thinking that day or week?  ...
Would it be fun to read a new blog every week knowing it would come out on a specific evening?  Should I blog even more often, say daily?  Though I feel that would be a serious undertaking that I doubt I'll maintain.

Reminder: I am actually looking for your opinion on this.

- I may be wittier than I imagine and actually have things to say
- You will get more insight into my life (as much as I will detail it, that is)
- Shorter posts, more frequently

- I may not be witty at all and I may just blog about the annoying list of songs repeated on the radio station we listen to at work
- You will receive more insight into my life which, by all accounts, is not all that exciting
- Shorter posts


1 comment:

  1. More, shorter posts! My eyes bleed from all of the words...


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