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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Top 10 Textversations I've Had on My Phone

Hello reader (or 4, or whatever).  As you may have noticed, the last 8 or so weeks I have gotten away from the original purpose of this blog.  For those of you who didn't notice, I'll safely assume you got to this blog in an attempt to see what happened on The Bachelor on a weekly basis.
  So allow me to bring you up to speed.  This blog USED to be a fun quick read of Top 10 lists that I'd randomly come up with and share in the most amusing way I could.  Provided, I didn't blog as often as I have with the addition of The Bachelor, it was exponentially more credible.  Today I've decided to get back to my roots, as they say, with a blog idea that was started a while ago.  I've labeled them as best I can AND removed the names on the headers.  Basically, you don't need to know who my friends are.  Some of you readers (all 4 of you) may have an idea of who I was texting with in each of them might be YOU!  See if you can guess?  All 10 are different.  Enjoy.

 #10.  The nerdiest way to tell someone "okay".

#9. The unnecessary use of "furlong" which, truth be told, is NEVER unnecessary.

#8. How to become a virgin again (don't worry mom, I was never NOT a virgin...)

#7. The threshold

#6. Auto-correct at it's absolute worst.  You're not funny, auto-correct.

#5. Breaking the law, breaking the law.

#4. Too soon for this joke?  No.

#3. As it turns out, Siri is kind of a slut-bucket.

#2. Getting the little lady checked.

#1. The breakfast of champions.


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