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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top Ten Twitter Feeds - a #FF (Follow Friday) extravaganza

10. @KFUCKINGP - It's Kenny fucking Powers, man. It's like a sexual force field of arrogant amazing exploded all over your twitter feed. Hold on, I'll get you a towel.
9. @CKlosterman - His twitter feed is being followed due solely to the fact that I cannot get enough of his opinions. Knowing why Coldplay sucks (and they do, despite the extremely talented Chris Martin,) and the vibe in the cities where people died is just not enough. I'm halfway into Eating the Dinosaur. Pick up 1 or all of his books. You're welcome.
8. @BrOOkEsterama - Here's the story: she's an everyday girl who shares my love for comedy (@GaryGulman yumm!) TV shows and tweeting.
7. @Glenn_Howerton - first he gave us the D.E.N.N.I.S system, then he gave me a reason to continue following: the random hashtags. My fave to date is "I know there's a #sunnyfx marathon on Comedy Central tonight, but I don't know what episodes. That's not my job. #itabsolutelyismyjob" Although, by this logic, @therealzooeyd should make the list, as well.
6. @REmixchicago - here's a newsflash: I LOVE CHICAGO. Through this twitter feed (thanks to my boy @EarnestWilkins) I get to stay up to date from Sunny South Florida!
5. @HammerAndRails - how much do you want to know about the Boilermakers? If your answer was anything more than "meh, I'm not too interested" head on over and read away. Visit If your answer was not more than that - and your interaction with me is only through a blog or twitter feed - please remove yourself from my fan base. Thank you.
4. @BoiledSports - ahhh, my favorite Purdue Sports Site - Where do I begin? Mayhaps it's the witty repartee, mayhaps it's the sexy writers, mayhaps it's my rack prominently displayed (or modeling, whatevs) on their website. One thing's for sure: I have a crush...and it's been boiled.
3. @kgrant5 - Oh KG. Keaton doesn't tweet enough for me to comment on his tweet style, but he sure knows how to take a girls random comment in passing about his book and turn it into a working relationship. He must be an excellent judge of character. Consequently, if you haven't already, buy and read (and re-read) AccessGRANTed. Do it now. I'll still be here when you get back, don't worry!
2. @kimmi_page - she'll be shocked by this mention (read: honor), I'm sure. Kimmi and I have friend connections that go WAY back. I knew who she was well before twitter started. Shit, maybe before Facebook started. However, it took the twitter feed of @LifeAtPurdue to bring us together. She's funny, and 100% genuine silly girl, and I loves it!
1. @TheGizmoBean - why wouldn't I put the twitter feed of my amazing puppy dog as Numero Uno. He's number one because he's cute and fluffy but he is anything but your typical yippy ankle biting little dog. He melts a million hearts and is a ridonculous Purdue fan. Also, this way I avoiding choosing a favorite friend and I'm political like that. :)

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