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Monday, April 26, 2010

Top "Ten" BEST Debbie Quotes

#8 - My full name does not fit on one line of my license. This is the reason my license reads Deborah I. Freedenberg - which makes me feel like a dyslexic, grammatically incorrect Yoda.

#7 - This song always makes me think of the Chips Ahoy commercial. You know, where the 4 cookies are in the convertible singing this song? Then someone takes them away one by one…to EAT them!

#6 - You know, I really haven’t liked you for the last day or so…

#5 - What I call “personal style” some might call “hot mess”

#4 - Well if you have to be up at 6, that’s perfect because then I can totally go home and sleep with you and still be home in the morning before I leave for work. I’m kidding. That was the “ha ha.”

#3 - Sometimes, I wish I were a penguin.

#2 - I don’t have stairs in my house, so I am not really a seasoned veteran of stairs. Therefore, I take my time going up and down stairs anywhere else as to make sure I don’t fall. I don’t overestimate my stair-climbing ability.

#1 - I was trying to figure out if this was sewn in or, potentially, some spooge.

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