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Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Ten Things I Like that Most People Don't...

10. Waking up at a non-round time. I set my alarm for 6:17 most days. I won't put 6:15 or 6:20. This is not because I think one is too early and the other is too late. My brain does not have a certain love for the exact time of 6:17. I do, however, like waking up at a time that makes me go " I late? am I early? What does this time mean?!" All that thinking gets me up and out of bed much faster than an automatic snooze slap.

9. Fruity/savory desserts. Turns out that most people like chocolate, creamy things in their desserts. You know, cookies, ice cream, cake, mousse, tiramisu, etc. Not I! I prefer my desserts to be tart or tangy or savory. The only way I like chocolate in my dessert is if it is covering a super salty pretzel. Mmmm chocolate covered pretzel...

8. When it is just slightly too cold/overcast for the beach. I LOVE the cool wind and the tingly shivers when I am getting a tan. I am not a fan of sweating, so I would rather be slightly too cold than slighty too hot.

7. When things go wrong. This is only slightly honest. I would definitely prefer if things always went the way I had planned them, however, when they don't - that's when the real fun begins. There's chaos and pissiness and anger, but when it's all handled, everything is that much better. You're not just good at planning, you're a situational hero. That's the BEST.

6. Garnishes. I like to eat plating garnishes. I like the bed of shredded cabbage that your egg roll showed up on. I like the lemon wedge and parsley that are accompanying your fish. To most it's just a waste and some slight color variation in their pupils, but to's a snack.

5. Surprises. I know everyone secretly like surprises and claims that they hate surprises. Some people, I know, genuinely DO hate surprises. I actually love them. I love them so much that I dislike non-surprises. I do not like giving people presents on their birthdays. I do not like sending Christmas cards. I like to randomly give people presents and send them holiday cards well after New Years. I also like when others surprise me. It's fun!!!

4. Dance/Trance Remixes of music. I love it. Take any song that I already like, remix it and play it again, I'll like that song even more. Case and point: D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. Great fucking song. D.A.N.C.E. by Justice (MSTRKRFT remix). EVEN BETTER.

3. Two finger rings. With the exception of Ms. Victoria Asher (of Cobra Starship), I haven't seen anyone rocking the two finger ring with a vengeance. Many people don't like this new trend because it's procludes the usage of both fingers, but once you learn to deal with it, it's a statement, a conversation topic and my new favorite piece of jewelry. I own three rings so far... and just today, I noticed having a sale on a plethora of them... awesome.

2. Flossing my teeth. We've talked about this before - at least once before in this blog alone - how I really enjoy flossing my teeth. It's weird, but there's a sense of confidence, cleanliness and productivity that I feel after flossing. It also helps me spend less money in the long run when I'm not spending loads of money to get fillings at the dentist.

1. Unfinished lists... :)

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