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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Top Ten Things That Snuck Up On Me...

I realized a couple of days ago that there are a bunch of things that snuck up on me and all of the sudden are happening. It makes me say things like "when did I get old enough to..." It's actually a little depressing, now that I think about it...

10. When did I get old enough to do my own taxes? Ok, realistically, I'm not doing my own. I am going to H&R Block, not that it matters. My point is, when did I get old enough to think it was weird that my parents were still doing my taxes?
9. I can only heavily drink one day each weekend. If I try to go out like a college kid more than once a week, my body gets all angry and sleepy and my brain hurts. My recouperation time has such a longer duration than it used to. When did that happen?
8. I'm so out of shape that I ran 3/4 of a mile and promptly laid down on my kitchen floor for 20 minutes coughing and wheezing. That is just pathetic. I used to be able to run a 8:30 mile. I want to run a 9:30 minute mile one day...and not feel like dying after.
7. Working on the weekends doesn't seem weird to me or like a lot of work. I used to want to go out with friends, go to the beach, sleep all I don't mind coming into work on the weekends. I get more done, I feel relaxed while doing it, I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much...gross.
6. I'm turning 25 soon. I vividly recall thinking 25 was old enough to be the age at which I'd like to get married. That is just ridiculous. I can't even begin to imagine being married right now. I'm too young for that! When did 25 stop seeming so far in the future??
5. My friends have kids. That's scary. It's not like they're engaged and getting married... no no no, they're actually past that - years past that - and having KIDS. I have friends whose kids are 3 years old!
4. It's no longer weird that I have nephews and a niece. When I first became an Aunt, I was 12. That made people question my sibling's ages. I always got "You're an aunt? But you're 12!?" and now I don't even get a second glance. Now it's "Yeah, you're an ordinary." Booo.
3. I, more or less, live paycheck to paycheck. It's possible that this has more to do with my inability to handle money, but I'm guessing it has more to do with the amount of money I make a year. At last check, I have somewhere between $1 and $300 in my checking account. This has to last me 5 more days. I have money in my savings account that I could move over, but that just seems silly.
2. I've become thin blooded living here in Florida. I've only been here 5 months and I've already become a Floridian. The other week I was at dinner and a movie with my best friend and I was chilly. I put a cardigan on and said it wasn't warm enough to eat dinner outside. It was 73 degrees out.
1. When did we get to the point where we look for wedding rings almost instinctually?? It's now completely normal to hit on a guy or have a guy hit on you and then notice a little piece of jewelry on his left hand. It used to be weird when the guys our age were in a committed relationship. Now it's common for them to be committed to marriage.

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