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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 10 Things I Need to Do Before Moving to Ft. Lauderdale

10. Dr's appointments - All completed
9. Switch from 5/3 Bank to Bank of America - Complete (it sucks, by the way. I really liked 5/3, but they don't have a branch close enough to where I'll be living or working.
8. Buy Sunpass - Yeah, that's right. Sun Pass. In Illinois we have an Ipass; in Florida, they get a pass to the sun.
7. Buy a "fall coat" - the only coats I own are snow or <30degree coats. I need a fall coat for 35-60 degree weather
6. Fix squealing tire on the new-to-me Hyundai Santa Fe - half has been brought to the shop...we are waiting to hear back.
5. Get Passport - Geez, it's expensive to get a passport! I got the pictures and filled out the forms, now I just need to go to the office and turn everything in. I am not planning to go anywhere, but just in case I get to travel with the team at all, I don't wanna be left behind.
4. Get haircut - I need to get the next two inches of blonde crap removed from the bottom of my hair and I could use a bang trim before I get on the road.
3. Look into the Purdue Alumni Association in Florida - I'll need to look into making some friends...
2. Set up some going away parties - one in the city and one in the suburbs.

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