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Monday, December 9, 2013

Top 10 of the Weekend (or Why Wil Wheaton Made Me Sleepy)

Remember when I used to make Top 10 lists?  Remember when that was the entire basis for this blog?  I somehow managed to create Top 10 lists to encompass everything I felt like sharing with my faithful reader(s).  I've since taken a sharp right on Live-Blog Lane in the form of The Bachelor (which I don't think will ever happen again) and then a hard left onto Things About My Life Boulevard.  I assume that those of you who have been along for the ride stick around because you're my friend or you find me interesting... but I've been wrong before.

So since I've been struggling with what to blog about for Monday's post, I've decided to revert to the Top 10 Format of the days of yore (which is also from when Rachel's apothecary table hails)

Top 10 Things I Did This Weekend:
10. Watched Football.  I am putting this at #10 for a couple of reasons: (1) My game isn't until Monday night and that's pretty much all I'm interested in right now and (2) the games I did see happened to be in the background when I went to lunch.

9. Seriously napped.  Saturday afternoon/evening - due to an apparent combination of sickness/booze - I took a 4 hour nap from 5pm to 9pm (more or less.)  You may expect that I was then wired all night long and couldn't sleep at all.  You'd be wrong.  I went back to bed by midnight and slept til 8am.  So basically I slept a ton this weekend.  I'm attributing it to the sickness I brought back from Chicago + running and other external factors.  I do, however, feel extremely well rested now.

8. Organized.  I organized the SHIT out of my closet.  To be fair, I did not do this over the weekend, but rather on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week while I was too sick to go do anything but not sick enough to be laid out in bed.  If you've met my family, it won't surprise you that organization and cleanliness comes fairly naturally to me, but the organization of my closet lead to the donating of a garbage bag full of clothes and the de-cluttering of a significant portion of my life (at least in my brain!)

7. Game Night!  I for one love a good game night.  Regardless of the people or the games played.  Unfortunately I was only able to stay for a couple hours total, but I was able to play a seriously fun game of Trivial Pursuit during which we flipped back and forth between the hard questions and the "less hard" questions from the party pack...until someone won.  I also had some yummy appetizers and hung out with a group of people who I often don't get a chance to see.  That said, I really would like to see those people more often (and if they're reading this...we need to go to brunch again ASAP!)  Maybe January???

6. I ran.  I didn't run well, but I DID run.  My very first 5k is on Saturday (5 days from right now) and I am getting nervous.  Last week I ran 3.45mi so I felt ready.  But this AM (Sunday) I only ran 2.5 and it felt HARD to do.  Maybe it has something to do with all the reasons behind #9 on this list, but I'm nervous.  I am hell bent on running 3.4 twice this week in preparation.  Wish me luck on that...oy

5. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  For normal people, this isn't as exciting as it was for me.  The last time I went to a b-dubs was 4-5 years ago.  The last time I went to a b-dubs and had the amount of fun you are supposed to have at a b-dubs was in college.  On any given Sunday we'd roll out of bed by noon, meander down to the Levee to B-dubs, get Playmakers (yes, I still have my log in of MGATRN) and watch football, eat wings, drink beer and play games.  By the way, I now remember why I haven't been in a while...their food gives me the WORST stomach aches.  Everything I eat there.  EVERY.  THING.  I spent hours curled up on the couch after ward... but it was delicious... so we all pay a price we choose to pay.

4. Went Shopping!  You may know (or have read before) that I'm not a big fan of shopping.  I am, however, a pretty big fan of H&M and spending time with P diddy.  So H&M had a holiday event: the first 200 people get a gift card to use that day.  If afterward you spend $50, you get an additional gift card (to use right away if you choose...or maybe you have to...I don't know.)  So I got 5 shirts and a set of stackable rings (including a few midi-rings that I am obsessed with.)  I then went next door to Francesca's Collection and got a purse.  Mint Green.  Cross-body strap.  Perfect.  For $116 worth of things for $76.  Not a bad shopping day!

3. W00TSTOUT!  Wesley Crusher and his friends made a beer.  It's called W00tstout and it's yummy.  I got a bottle of it after shopping.  It was a 22oz bottle.  And 13% Alcohol by that could have had something to do with #9 on this list...  It was yummy, but a bit thick and I was unable to finish the entire thing.  I felt really cool drinking Wil Wheaton's beer.  I even tweeted him that I was doing so... to no avail.  Wil doesn't seem to reply to me ever.  SADFACE.

2. Caught up on DVRd television.  I watched this weeks SNL as well as the last three episodes of Glee (yes, I still watch Glee.)  I also watched this weeks Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Scandal.  Additionally, I am 2 episodes away from being all caught up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon...I still need to catch up (28 episodes worth of catch-up) on Jeopardy.  So no one tell me anything about it...

1. Struggled with a blog.  Yes, this is a complete cop-out.  I'm borderline sorry about this one.  I didn't do anything else though, so whatever.  Bite me.


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