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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Evaluation: Bathroom

Who doesn't love to snoop in other peoples' business sometimes?  Celebrities (even the D-list ones) will once in a while give you a little insight into their lavish lifestyle.  Random models post videos of their beauty habits in which you are given a rare chance to see them without all the lights and makeup (theoretically...)  I'll be honest, when my new neighbor moved in I snooped a bit...enough to see that he owns a Nordictrac.  I'm not outwardly nosy, but I do like to be observant of my surroundings. ...

So why not return the favor?  I'm regularly a wide open book, but I'm sure there's more I could tell you about me...soooooo I decided to take you to the bathroom with me today.  As you can see from the photo, I was rushed this morning and I left it looking like a slob lives there.  I promise I'm usually clean!

Curling Iron. I'm sure you imagined that I wake up and have perfectly waved hair, but you'd be wrong.  I am lazy and boring and I do the same routine daily.  Shower at night, sleep with wet hair, divide hair into 8 sections (4 top sections, 4 bottom sections, split evenly on both sides of my head) and curl away from my face for 45 seconds-1 minute on each section.  Repeat.  Shake out.  Go to work.  It takes about 10 minutes when all is said and done and I don't have to blow dry but I still get shine and no-frizz.

Sonicare.  Surprise!  I have good oral hygiene.  I think I've mentioned in previous blogs that I carry floss at all times and that I'm a huge fan of flossing, but I also sonicare twice daily and sometimes, if I am feeling adventurous, I also regular brush...

Olay BB creme.  It's been about 5 days of me using this shit and I am 100% addicted.  I use it every morning after I wash my face.  It's tint allows me to skip makeup all together (yay!) without looking sunken and tired all the time.  Remember how I'm lazy as shit?  If it weren't for work, I'd stay in bed all day, every day... proof?  I did it for an entire month while I was unemployed.

Eye cream.  My sister would be so proud.  I'm trying to pretend like I give a shit about taking care of my skin.  I also am trying to fight looking my age (or older.)  Though last night someone told me I look 4 years younger than I maybe it's working?  Do NOT tell my sister I said that something she suggested worked or is correct...

iHome. I finally got my adapter in the mail so I can use the accessories purchased for previous versions of the iPhone with my new iPhone5.  What this means is that my showers are rarely silent these days and that I get to start my morning out with some music.  Today, specifically, I started my day with Disclosure.

Perfume.  No, I did not wear all three that are pictured. I couldn't decide so I put them all there and made a game-time decision.  I chose Kate Spade Flirt.  I'm just impressed I remembered to put on perfume AND deodorant...AND brush my teeth.  This was a good morning.   

If this didn't satisfy your need to snoop on people... well then you're exactly like me.  Go out and peer in windows and shit...


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