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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Ten Things I've Not Done In So Long That I've Forgotten How (or How It Feels.)

10. Shovel snow. No one said this list was all bad! I miss the beauty of white blanketed snow, and now that I can't recall the annoyance and physical work required to shovel snow, I think I miss it. (That is until I do it one time...)
9. Sleep In Unnecessarily Late. Just once I want to not set an alarm and wake up whenever the hell I feel like it. I also would prefer if that time was after when my alarm would have woken me up if I had set it. I miss crazy party nights and waking up to a house full of half asleep or fully asleep people at 11am.
8. Play Piano. This is only half true because I know how to play still, but its been so long since I've done so that I can't recall the emotional relief I feel when I play.
7. Ate at a Fast Food Restaurant. I've driven through to get breakfast here and there, but I haven't eaten INSIDE a fast food joint since.... I honestly don't remember when. College?
6. Ski. This one makes me sad enough to begin planning a personal trip to a ski resort. Just me, the snow and my iPod. 3 yrs ago, at the suggestion of the boyfriend at the time, I went and got an entire skiing outfit. The whole shebang. We went skiing once by ourselves and twice more with groups of people. I had a great time, but I learned that I much prefer to ski alone (not along side someone). My skiing attire lives in AZ with my parents... Maybe it's time to use it all again.
5. Get a New Pair Of Shoes. This will be remedied soon as I just ordered 2 pairs of over the knee boots online. Pictures to come! (editors note: boots have arrived. They are bangin')
4. Have a Dinner Party. This was remedied on the 22nd when Katy and I hosted "Hummus Wine and Apples" at our place. I made 5 types of hummus from scratch; each attendee was asked to bring a type of wine and we played Apples to Apples. :)
3. DVR a TV show just for the hell of it. No, not like your favorite show that you watch weekly... But like DVRing CSI reruns and beginning watching 15 min into it just for the purpose of being able to do so.
2. Go On a Road Trip. I drive an hour to and from work periodically, but I miss the feeling of a cross state road trip (even across 1 state). Florida is wayyyyy to long for that feeling... Poop.
1. Get Techno-Frozen. No, I won't be doing it anytime soon, but I've completely forgotten the feeling of being completely disconnected from technology and immersed in nature. Last time I did this is when I "ran away from home" 2 years ago. My how things change...

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