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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Top Ten List of Vices I Did Not Fini...

The title to this post is a tribute to the brilliant mind of my bestest friend in the world: Erin. Vices. We all have 'em. Some of them are really bad for your health like alcohol or drugs; some are bad for your bank account. Some are good for you like working out or eating crazy healthy. Mine are a mix of all three. I've decided to create a list of my ten vices. Ten things I regularly fall victim to doing without really choosing to do them. This list also will give you an opportunity to stalk me and make me do whatever you want just by dangling one of my vices in front of me like a carrot on a string in front of a bunnies nose. Ok, that was a weird reference, but still. Anyway...learn away.

Cooking big family style meals. I like to cook. For years I made my family dinner every day...or at least many days a week. I like to cook, but it's hard to cook for yourself. I like to make big meals. I relish in making thanksgiving dinner. I like to prep and cook all day and know that it was worth it. Even if a meal only lasts 3o minutes, I know the work I put in was worth it. As of today I bought an 8.6lb turkey breast just to make it and prove that my perfect turkey from thanksgiving wasn't a fluke and that I have perfected my recipe. I'll keep you updated.

Gizmo. Have you met the 13 pound angel covered in fuzzy hair that is my baby? He's the best. He is a lover and he only barks when his friend bark or when someone comes to the door. He's a complete sweetheart and the BEST cuddler. BEST. He's also a bears fan and a who wouldn't love that.

Wine. I have recently acquired the nick-name "wine glass" because I regularly contain wine. Wine drunk Debbie is everyone's favorite Debbie. I get giggly and silly and loving as soon as I drink a few glasses. I like most wines...except for this Cab Sauv that is on my counter right now. It's not really my cup My friend Favor and I have yet to do this, but we want to get big ass wine glasses like they had in Cougartown.

Cartoon/Disney Movies. I don't like to think when I watch movies. Every once in a while I like a serious movie, but if I am going to choose, I want a happy ending with a little bit of a moral to the story. Happy Feet? Perfect. Lion King? Hell yes! Just a bit of a warning though, I do tend to cry in every movie where someone dies or gets married...or with a really happy ending.

Expensive Lingerie. Don't get me wrong, I own a ton of VS panties and about 5 or 8 pairs of Cosabella panties (GTS if you don't know what Cosabella is) but I've spent the most money on Hanky Panky panties. They're heavenly. When I say I own a shitton, I mean it. Actually this morning I was realizing I need to do laundry because I was all about out of delicate clothing (i.e. undergarments) so I did it and I just hung up, literally 28 pairs of panties...21 of which were Hanky Panky, 3 of which were Cosabella and 4 were VS. Now I have the desire to go online and buy more...

Organization. I think it stems from my upbringing. My parents designed closet organization systems for a living, so I was constantly around brilliant ideas of how to design a space to work best for the user. I take this to an extreme. I organized the shit out of my desk at my real job just so I could feel like I was doing my job the best I could. My personal philosophy is that organization leads to better productivity which leads to getting more work done which leads to more money. Write that down.

Men. This one is pretty obvious, but I love men. Recently I found out I have a thing for older guys. Again, this probably makes some sense because of the environment I grew up in. My whole family (immediate and extended) is at least 12 years older than me. I am used to being around older people. As an added bonus, older guys tend to fit into my family life a lot better.

Music. I love music. I love to sing it, play it, listen to it, play it, sing it... you get the idea. I don't have a type of music I don't like. I will listen to it all. I prefer classic rock and jazz/big band, but I listen to pop, rap, R&B, country, soft rock, blues, cool jazz, opera, disney music, etc.

Christmas. I freaking LOVE Christmas. There's something about being with family, eating large meals, trees, carols,'s beautiful and happy and warming. I wish I WAS Christmas. I would listen to Christmas music year round. I am obsessed with spreading the cheer. Viva la Christmas!

...there should be more to this list. It's not a top ten list at all. I suppose a vice of mine is making top ten lists, yet I tend to leave them unfinished... I'm sorry to my 4 readers for being a slacker. I need to go to sleep now. It's 12:33 and I have to be up in order to tailgate tomorrow for the Dolphins game and then go watch my Bears.

Hasta anotre day. (3 languages, one sentence. You're welcome.)

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