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Monday, May 16, 2011

The First Top Ten from the MTSP survey... Enjoy!

I surveyed about 30-40 guys about their preferences on dating, music, drugs, rock and roll, etc. I got almost all the surveys back and have now compiled their responses into a top 10 list. Some of them are silly...some of them are for reals...

Ladies, let's learn from this... Gentlemen, I appreciate your honesty and candor.

Without further ado:

10. The thing men most dislike when women smoke and text when on a date.
9. The overwhelming top 3 answers about the worst type of sex are: 1. When the girl clearly doesn't want to do it or is not enjoying herself; 2. No sex; 3. Meaningless sex.
8. In accordance to the I posted a while back, men want to feel fulfilled at their job (i.e. enjoy it, see growth in it and feel important) more than they care about money.
7. The rudest thing a person can do at dinner is.... (SHOCK) talk on the cell phone.
6. Out of all the surveys I got back, only about 5 would go back and change anything about their past. Let's hear it for no regrets!!!
5. Even though people do it all the time (men and women) men wish one night stands and meaningless sex would disappear and stop making them look bad!
4. I know it's said ALLLLLLL the time, but almost ALL the guys surveyed wish women would reverse "typical" gender roles and ask a guy out or approach him.
3. The guys who admitted to lying (thank you for your honesty, btw) tend to lie about their emotions - i.e. how they are feeling or why they don't want to do something - politics and income.
2. Worst habits of guys: playing games (internet/computer), biting nails, procrastinating, drinking too much, lying, ignoring their surroundings.
1. According to the guys surveyed, the best drummers of all time (not listing anyone who only came up once or twice):

  • Neil Peart

  • Keith Moon

  • John Bonham

  • Travis Barker

  • Lars Ulrich

Editors note: I love you guys for having great taste in music. Seriously.

Installment #2 of this Top Ten List to follow eventually.


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