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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top 10 Memories I have of my Sissy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY!

10. Going out with you and Chris to Trader Todds when I was using your ID and singing with you guys.
9. Sleepovers with you when you came home from college.
8. Getting shushed by Mom when we giggled instead of slept.
7. Bus rides to and from Banner Day Camp when I had to wear a seat belt because I was too small and would slam into the windows when we went over a bump.
6. Driving your car - at age 14 - and driving right into your garage door.
5. Play with Moxy sticks and Acupuncture while baby B was still inside of you!
4. Visiting you in Athens with Mommy and Daddy and going to that restaurant/bar where I danced to win Little Miss Brickhouse.
3. Being your Maid of Honor and being able to be such a big part of a huge day in your life.
2. Getting Mani/Pedi's in Arizona. Driving around to find a cheap place and ending up at Walmart...and spending the same amount we would have anywhere else.
1. Singing Eternal Flame with you on my little light up/echo microphone set.

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