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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Know You've Been Unemployed Too Long

10. You can quote random lines of CSI episodes while they're on Spike Network in the middle of the day
9. You've woken up and stayed in bed for the next 2 hours
8. You've rearranged your toiletries in your bathroom
7. You've tweeted on twitter more than once without actually listing what you're doing
6. You failed to list what you were doing mostly because you weren't doing anything
5. You've written in your planner when you are going to watch your DVR
4. You've made a list of things to do while you are unemployed
3. You haven't done any of the things on that list
2. You'd consider an unpaid volunteer position solely to give you something to do with your time
1. You can no longer recall what day you began your stint in unemployment*

*Unless of course the day coincides with a holiday or more memorable event: birthday, anniversary, world series, etc.

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